friendsI think all working mothers can probably agree that being a mother and having a career does not come without deep internal struggle. Feeling guilty for working is such a double-edged sword. The reasons why we work are individual to each of us. For some of us, our work requires us to work out of the home away from what makes our life so dear in the first place. Our children.

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My career is something I take very seriously. I have a huge responsibility in what I do, and I do not take that lightly. It is a career in which there is no time to stop. To say that we are constantly on the go at work is putting it mildly.  The women I work with are genuine, caring and are the most dedicated to their profession.

Be cheerful and pass it on.

But what makes them even more endearing is their love for their children.  It is so welcoming and refreshing to be with these ladies daily who understand and walk the walk. We talk about our children endlessly. We are able to share stories, give advice, have a good laugh, or just listen to one another.

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I really admire and cherish those ladies. It really helps when you walk into such a wonderful environment every day after you leave what you love the most at home.

To my girlfriends….you rock.

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