Healthy Mind & Body

practice yoga in Bali

Do you exercise? Is there a program that you swear by?  Are you putting your hand in the cookie jar right now or with your two best friends Ben and Jerry? I have to say that I am not exactly a consistent exerciser and my relationship with Ben & Jerry is strong as ever.

Only fruits and veggies (I guess some protein too)

Thinking about New Year’s resolutions, April vacation quickly approaching and bathing suit season on its way, or just trying to make a healthier life style change some of you might wonder is it time to get it in gear. I thought the same thing.

So I went to my friend who is an expert in all sorts of fitness related topics. The girl is amazing. She is a mother, wife, educator, Zumba© instructor, and wears countless other hats and always does it with enthusiasm, style and grace. She came up with some great theories, tidbits of information, and strategies for people to adjust their living to meet their goals.

Audra will be a regular contributor in this blog sharing all sorts of valuable information to get us on a heathly path. Look for her insight on Zumba© next.


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