She has the look….

Jessica Alba is perfection.

Michelle Williams. I liked her in Dawson’s Creek but I love her now. From the awards season when she was on the arm of Heath, looking up at him. You could feel the love she felt for him. It poured out of her. She looked so delicate. After Heath’s death, she did not let it define her. She championed on for her daughter. I admire her.

Charlize Theron. Dior. Exquisite.

Kate Winslet.

There are countless other lovelies…but these are a good start. Hope you enjoyed your evening.

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2 thoughts on “She has the look….

  1. The women you picked are lovely…..and I loved Salma Hayek’s gown.. the beading was really exquisite. However, is it just me or are the gowns not very flattering this year? Gorgeous fabrics and designs but they seem to be hanging on most of these women and these women aren’t thin either so what is up with that.

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