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Do you have a pet?

Before I had my own family and settled down, I had in my life my first fur baby that was all mine. His name was Duke. He was a boxer. I was known as the girl with the boxer. I had a Jeep Wrangler back then and Duke would sit in the passenger seat and ride the streets of Mystic and the Borough. When I went somewhere, he was there with me. He never had to be on a leash. He was a quick learner. He never slept on the furniture and he loved me unconditionally. We were made for one another. He was a love and so gentle. Except for that one time he took my Uncle’s knee out when he was playing with him and darting around him. We won’t make a big deal about that though.

Duke & 1 year old P

When Duke became sick, P was two years old. We did everything in our power to save him. Everything. I swear he held on just to be with us. P and Duke bonded big time so adding another boxer to the mix was a dilemma. When would be the right time? The thought of not having him with us was unimaginable. When he left this life, the grief was palpable. I still think about him everyday. But we knew that P needed a companion, so along came Duke Jr., who we affectionately call DJ.

DJ & S

It took me a while to get adjusted to this new little puppy. I didn’t have it in my heart to love him for who he was. With time, I began to let him in and he has stayed in my heart ever since. He is such a lovable dude. He really thinks he is a human. He is opposite in many ways from Duke, but that is fine with us.

DJ lets the children take him for walks around the house, plays with them, cuddles up to them, and follows them around like he is their shadow. He also growls anytime someone is walking up to the house when we are inside. He is a fabulous protector. We pay him in bones.

Our DJ Ornament


Do you have a boxer?

Do you have a pet that fits your family like a glove?


10 thoughts on “Boxers

  1. My sentiments exactly…in many ways your first dog is more siginificant than your first love (and the dog usually sticks…I too miss my “dog” every day

  2. I have two beagles. They are the goofiest dogs. Maisy is the mama and her son Charlie is always with her. They act more like twins than mother and son. Charlie will sit in the yard and bark when people go by… it’s not a mad ‘go away’ bark mind you, more like a “Hey, over here!! Do you see me? I’m over here! Come pet me! Hey, where are you going! Come back!!” They are even gentle with the chickens and try to act like sheep dogs when the kids are trying to get the hens back in the coop. Once when the rooster started chasing my A, Charlie stepped in between them to defend her. Love him for that!!

  3. I admire this article and can totally relate to it. Dogs truly are “A man’s best friend”. I look forward to the moment when I get home to my apartment every day. I know as soon as I walk in the door my, Black Lab, Athena will be there… ecstatic and literally smiling at me. I love telling her all about my day… not to mention she absolutely adores P & S. By having Athena at the age of 20 it has taught me a variety of responsibility and passion over the years that will be beneficial for my future. Athena will always have an enormous place in my heart. The relationship between a dog and his or her owner is one that I hope everyone can experience in their lifetime.

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