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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year! Here’s to a new year and a new you! Isn’t that how it goes? What we say each year, that this year will be the year? And then before we know it, it’s December and we haven’t accomplished anything we set out to do.  The problem isn’t you or your lack of motivation. Perhaps the problem is the broad resolutions you adopted.

on goals

Here’s my advice to you. Pretend it’s New Year’s Eve tonight and rewrite those resolutions in the form of attainable goals. Make sure they’re realistic and measurable. No more blanket statements that won’t inspire you to try. Instead of saying I will workout this year or I will lose weight, say I will workout 4 days a week or I will lose 10 pounds. Think about feats you hope to accomplish, such as I will run 3 miles or I will do 20 consecutive push ups.  When you set a realistic goal, you’ll be more motivated to achieve it.  You may even want to have several small goals or steps that when combined make a big goal.


Now there’s no magic pill to help motivate you. You have to motivate you or at least find sources that will inspire you. When I’m just not feeling a workout, I look to pinterest for fitness photos or read the stories on Strong Is the New Skinny (on facebook). I also look to my friends who like me, love to workout. Posts about their individual accomplishments help get me off the couch when I’m having a bad day. I also teach 3 classes a week, so if I don’t put in the practice, my students won’t be motivated to come to my classes anymore. The last tool I use when I just don’t feel up to working out is reminding myself that I have at least 2 obstacle races that I’m completing.That means in order to finish them I have to train for them.


So find what it is that will inspire you. Once you get started towards your goal and you lose a pound or can run a mile without stopping or can make it through an aerobics class without getting winded, you’ll find that enough motivation to keep working hard. Tell your friends and family about your goal so they can be your personal cheerleaders. Maybe they’ll even want to workout with you!

Now that your goal is set, you need to get out your planner and schedule workouts into your week. If you don’t make them a priority, they won’t happen. It’s hard when you are a mom to balance work, family and you, but if you don’t make time for yourself, no one will.  And a healthier you, one that makes working out priority, is such a great example for your children.


So don’t feel guilty! The last part of the plan is to think about what you like to do physically and make that your main workout.  Many people ask me to help them learn to run because they know the weight loss benefits are great. But running is not for everyone. Most people hate it because it’s hard. So don’t pick running if you don’t like it!! You won’t stick to it. I would suggest a minimum of 4 workouts a week ranging from 30-60 minutes. You need a mix of cardio and weight bearing exercises so keep that in mind. Variety is the key. If you stick to the same class or the same run everyday, you’re body will plateau and you won’t feel the benefits anymore.

Here are some great workout options…running, walking, hiking, biking, swimming, boxing (one of my favorites!), kickboxing, boot camp, weight lifting, step aerobics, Zumba©, Jazzercise, Turbokick, plyometrics, rock climbing, yoga, pilates, and tennis.

Remember this is not the hardest thing you have done in your life. So when you are dreading that first workout, pull from that inner strength and get it done. You won’t regret it!

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One thought on “Motivation with Audra

  1. The point is to just keep moving!! I love to hike and go for long walks.. we’re talking miles here. Biking hurts my butt!! hahaha

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