Your list

Now that we are so many days into this new year of ours, have you crossed anything off your list? I decided to see out how my list to do was doing. I actually got a few things crossed off without intending to do so.

1. My Closet……we have always had a rocky relationship. I guess that is putting it mildly. Actually, the office closet, storage closet and hall closet aren’t on my buddy list either. They are on the “other” list if you know what I am sayin’.  Anyhoo- one day F and I were putting laundry away and my closet pulled a hissy fit. (as evidenced below)

So F and I had no choice but to kick some tenants out and off they went. It actually felt really good to evict. And really do I need all of it anyway? I swear I wear the same thing all the time anyway…or a slight variation of it. All of it went to new homes.

New and Improved

More than 60 pieces are gone foreva’ !

Now I think the hall closet is next. I sense a theme here.

How about you? Have you tackled anything that wasn’t on the list but made you feel like 1,000 bucks after?


5 thoughts on “Your list

  1. I LOVE it… i actually cleaned out a few junk drawers and got rid of some things on ebay! i love to thin out….and be organized….simplify….my 2012 goal.

  2. ummm…can I send you my address the next time you want to clean out your closet???? seriously I will provide a loving home for your pieces. 🙂

  3. I love the feeling you get after you purge!! Oh to “simplify” and have less to tend too!! I once got rid of five garbage bags full of clothes ( we’re talking the big black bags!!) from all the people in my house. Les laundry, less ironing, less clutter and the laundry room was actually empty more often!!!

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