What matters

Bearded iris

Life. Loss. The Unexplainable.

I am the first to admit that I worry and complain about stuff that will not matter in a week. I guess I just get into the fast lane in my mind and think just another road block to the destination. But really who cares? All those little/big things do not matter in life. I need to stop giving them importance. Who cares.

Another non-stop day at work. Another bill. Another load of laundry. Another messy playroom. Another errand. These are not problems.

My mind travels to a family who is grieving.

The people who make my life meaningful and how we share our lives is what I need to focus on. These are the moments and people that define me. It is a cliche, but life is so precious. Hold on tight.


4 thoughts on “What matters

  1. Sometimes when I am bustling around and being impatient because I have to get to some meeting that as you stated so well, won’t matter next week, my daughter will take my face in her hands and say”look at me, mommy”. And I do and then I remember.

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