Crewcut cart

I love Crewcuts for P. I buy a sprinkling from the line for her wardrobe. The quality is superb and I love the looks. Here is an outfit that I know she would love.

Girls' double-breasted corsage cardigan

Girls’ double-breasted corsage cardigan

Girls' classic café capri in gingham

Girls’ classic café capri in gingham

Girls' shimmer pocket tee

Girls’ shimmer pocket tee

Girls' glitter toe ballet flats

Girls’ glitter toe ballet flats

Alrighty….now off to Target to see what they have that looks just like it!


3 thoughts on “Crewcut cart

      • haha you have no idea!! Getting her back out of the store is the issue!! I took her older brother shopping to spend time with him and she was almost in tears because she couldn’t come along. She is definitely my little shopping partner! We have a good time looking at the cool stuff and laughing at the goofy things people are wearing. we try on hats and shawls, imagine wearing thigh high boots and even trip around in heels way too high for any one! We love the accessory aisle and she giggles in the lingerie section. Some bras are too huge for a 10 year old imagination! We poke fun at each others tastes and compromise on our purchases. She is the best critic I have!!

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