Boxing 411

Woman and Boxing… A Perfect Combination

Contributor Audra 

Why do I box? I box because when other people look at me, they’ll never guess my secret. I’m 5 feet 3 inches and definitely do not have a big upper body. I box because when I get into the studio and put on my wraps and gloves, I feel empowered and strong. I box because I can hit and hit hard.

I took my first boxing class in February of 2010. I was home on maternity leave and decided to add something new to my workout routines. I had become bored with running and pilates. After just one class, I was hooked. I was also sore as hell! I continued to go to class and learn from my instructors, Cindy Lignar and Stacy Meisner. They are the owners of Squared Circle Studio in Deep River, CT.  I did anything and everything they threw at me and loved every minute of it. For the first time in my life, little Audra was no longer little Audra. I felt empowered and strong.

At “my” studio, there are more women than men who take the boxing, kickboxing, and focus mitt classes. But don’t be mistaken. We are an aggressive bunch, no fluff hitters here. Yet we are all still feminine. We encourage one another to work harder. We talk and share about our lives before and after class. We still wear skirts and heels. Boxing doesn’t take away who you are as a woman. It only makes you better.

**Just a few notes on finding the right place for you.

1. Look for a place with a welcoming atmosphere. Yes there will be competition, but it should not ooze out of the building. It should inspire you to work harder, not make you feel inferior.

2. Look for instructors who have had years of training and experience and the right personality to teach. I found all of that at Squared Circle Studio. It’s my happy place and the reason I keep coming back.

Classes with Audra for Zumba are scheduled:

6:35 Wednesday night and 8:00 Saturday morning at Squared Circle Studio.

Squared Circle Studio is located in Deep River

860.526.8763 to call for classes Home Page.


6 thoughts on “Boxing 411

  1. Great article! Well said – and I’m proud of you Audra! I hope to get to the boxing gym when I’m back in Ct, and I hope I can hit half as hard as you do!
    …And another great blog Amy!

  2. Although I’m talking about the female perspective, the studio caters to both men and women. Tough workouts for all no matter who’s instructing the class. There’s a wonderful energy in the studio coming from both the men and the women who workout there.

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