The List is smaller

Well my theme cleaning out the closets is well underway. I have tackled three with a vengeance. I have 7 more to go, two of those are storage rooms. I figured a closet a weekend would be the goal. I know looking at pictures of that isn’t appealing, but let me tell you it feels great when I see the load of stuff that I am ridding from my life.


My aunt said it perfectly..simplify. That is my theme and I am doing that in all aspects of my life. If I don’t use it, then I don’t need it and it doesn’t belong in my space. If it stresses me out and is a roadblock to happiness then I am changing the tune….2012 is about going with my gut and getting rid of stuff that is weighing me down.


This closet was tough  a challenge because it had bins and bins of my children’s baby clothes. I am very sentimental and will keep anything that reminds me of them. So I went through each piece of clothing and really chose the ones that I wasn’t ready to part with.

The TO-GO Pile

I have 9 bags of clothes ready for donation and 4 bags to purge because of stains. All the bins are organized by age and it will be a breeze to find clothes that P wore years ago that will now fit F. Easy on the wallet too. Score.

Laundry Room Before

The laundry room was in desperate need of shelves. It only had two and we would throw everything on the floor. So the Mr. made shelves and I ran to Target to get an ironing board holder to attach to the door. Now, it is clean, neat and organized. Happy camper am I.

Laundry Room Closet After

Little Miss F helping me out

Did you work on your list this weekend? Next on the list are my children’s closets. I want to tackle them all on the same day….dream big baby…dream big.


5 thoughts on “The List is smaller

  1. omg i am exhausted reading this entry…you with 3 kids and a full time job, a blog, a dog i don’t know how you do it…when do you find the time….?

  2. Amy-I am enjoying your blog! I too hate to part with the girls clothes so I have saved my favorites and I am going to make them a quilt with them when they get older…just an idea!

  3. Efficiency and streamlining are always my motto!! Its a bit slow going here, but I am making progress daily….time constraints are a problem but I figure slow progress is still in the right direction!! I stand in the kitchen and clean out a drawer while I am stirring dinner, I wipe out a bathroom drawer while I am waiting for the kids to finish brushing teeth etc….. Don’t want all the little crappy things that are simply clutter makers….I want to be able to see into every corner of every room!! …..getting there is the goal!!

    • I think your way gets more accomplished. It is easier to throw out more and not agonize if it means more or less than what it is worth….great work crossing it off your list. Thank you so much for reading!

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