Carry Ons

Up All Night

So I was watching Up All Night last night and the episode was all about the baby travel plan. I remember the days I would have one carry on which contained just my things. I would sit on the plane, have a drink, read gossip magazines, watch a movie, whatever I wanted. I haven’t traveled like that in…….wait…….forever.

When we plan a trip, the euphoria of making plans and day dreaming about the destination is wonderful. Who doesn’t love that part. And then in an instant panic sets it…..what if I have the kid that is screaming the entire flight? What if it is my kid that kicks the back of the chair of the person in front of him/her because their legs are just the right length to continually  bump the dang chair? What if it is MY kid who won’t simmer down?

Well the first time we flew with kids, S was 5 months old. He slept the entire way round trip. I was the parent who was living large.  Why did I ever have doubts? My kids were the exception.

WRONG. Cut to one year later and my kid was the one screaming the ENTIRE way down to Florida after sitting on the tarmac for an HOUR and then proceeded to eat Cheerios off the floor. Yep, I was that parent. I was doing everything I could to survive. The Mr and I would look at each other not knowing if we should say “not it” or just keep passing the kid back and forth across the aisle. It was rough. Glares from fellow passengers…like I really wanted to have my kid be the one who was over tired, cranky, and louder than a Metallica concert. Seriously, give a parent some slack. A sympathetic smile would do a world of good.

So as I was watching Up All Night, and they were dealing with the trials and tribulations in the airport before even getting on the plane, it occurred to me that it will never be easy traveling with babies and little kids. We are always anticipating the “ticking time bomb”. But let me tell you, we have some funny stories to share when they are older.


One thought on “Carry Ons

  1. I remember traveling with a very sick 15 month old child who cried and whimpered the whole trip. He had diarrhea every half hour on a six hour flight and nowhere in that bathroom can you turn around much less lay a child down to change them. I became an expert at changing him on my lap without touching anything and it became a less then 2 minute deed. Luckily I was surrounded by older moms and grandparents who had sympathy on me. I was so worried about him… he wasn’t eating and getting weaker. Some trips you never want to repeat! I was actually happy when we got off and he cried through the airport….Let me know he was going to be ok!

    I always feel bad for moms who are traveling with a little rambunctious child. They were not meant to be confined within an extremely small area and told to be quiet for hours on end!! I can understand the frustration of other passengers but I think they need to put themselves in the “parenting seat” for a bit!.. or maybe think back to when they were a rambunctious child!!

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