Closet clutter begone

Saturday morning, P, F and I attacked the mountain of clothes, shoes and stuff that P has hidden away in her closet. It has been on my list, and today was the day we were going to cross it off. At first glance, the closet would appear to be like the rest of her room. Clean, clutter free and organized. WRONG!

You can actually see little F surmising the mess and figuring out where in the world we would begin. P’s closet is small compared to her room size. But that has not stopped her from cramming everything in there.

The first thing we did was empty out all the hanging garments. We put them in one of three piles: Keep, Store for F, or Donate. We were pretty quick about it and P really was not indecisive in this process.

Next, we tackled all of her shoes. She has way too many shoes for a 7 year old. We put them in three piles as well. That was pretty painless. I think in P’s mind, the more we got rid of, the better chance she had to buy new things to replace the old things. I think again.

The end result. I cannot believe it is the same space. But I can assure you it is.

And this is all that we got rid of. I am so happy and so is she. One less thing to look at on the list. I tackled my son’s closet that night. His was pretty easy in comparison to his sister’s. I accomplished that mini project in 20 minutes.

Boys really do have less stuff than girls do. He probably won’t even realize what I did. Now if it were his toys that I depleted, that would be a different story. I will not share with him that the playroom is definitely on my list. Next up, Miss F’s closet and the hall closet. Now, those are big projects. It feels pretty good though. The previous three closets that I worked on are in the same condition. Clean, Clear and Clutter-Free.

(sorry for the lousy picture quality….iphone either is great or not so much)


6 thoughts on “Closet clutter begone

  1. Once I can move back into my room…..most things won’t be invited to come with me!!!! I have been purging the bags of stuff laying around and its nice to know there won’t be a lot of stuff moving back in!!!

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