The 70s

When I think back or see images of the 1970s, I cannot help but think back to memories from my childhood. I have always loved the fashion of that era, the hair, the automobiles, music, everything.

I think the best of that era has permeated into the current styles and I cannot help but love it. I live in my Rachel Comey clogs, cannot get enough of my MiH denim and love tapestry. My Frye boots are my go to and my collection of suede jackets are sure to be my daughters’.  All my children groove to Led Zeppelin and chunky wood jewelry is my go to.

Holy 1970.

The image above is H&M….but it could totally translate to vintage 70s.

Love Story (1970).



1970 Fryes. via purevintageclothing.

Brigitte Bardot 1970

The hair, the make-up. I love it. I am still wearing my hair parted in the middle. Decades…Decades of the same style….

Bianca Jagger 1970s

jackie o., c. 1970s

1970 442 Olds

I just totally identify with these images. I know people I know always laugh how I always wear back. That is a true statement. Precise actually. But I most identify with these images. Maybe, it is my inner child in me.

Alrighty, time for some Led Zeppelin.


7 thoughts on “The 70s

  1. I love the 70s! It’s my favorite decade so I was so excited to come across this post dedicated to the 70s… I’m only 15 – I feel like I was born in the wrong time period. And I love the whole attitude behind 70s fashion – it’s so relaxed yet free and cool and it has a rebellious sort of “anti-trend” feeling to it. Oh, and Led Zeppelin don’t get me started – it’s such a coincidence that you mentioned them because they’re my favorite band! I am so obsessed with them it’s crazy… Feel lucky you experienced the 70s because some of us wish we could have….

    • I am so happy you really liked the post! So many of the styles now mimic the best of that era…so it is kind of like you are living with the best of the best but in the current…in it now- only with the best of technology, etc for the current decade!

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