Concept of time

console televisions

Miss P and I were sitting downstairs watching some random entertainment show. I cannot even remember what it was that we were watching. She looked at me and asked in the most matter-of-fact way, “Mom did they have televisions in 1780 when you were a kid?”

At first I thought she was full on pulling my leg. 1780! Are you serious? How old do you think I am? Then I realized her seriousness and thought what the heck is she not learning in school…..just kidding.

How should I attack this question? She was waiting for an answer and I didn’t want to laugh in her face or cry that she thought I was 232 years old.

I asked her, “You mean in 1980?”

She replied, “Sure”.

Sure? Sure! That was an easy reply. I guess time is just a number if you are a 7 year old. It is all relative.

I told her televisions looked like large pieces of furniture. She replied that was weird. I guess it is just as weird as thinking I could be 232 years old.

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