Have a seat

dwell studio jensen chair

I admit it. I have been obsessed with the Dwell line for years. F’s nursery fabrics are from the line. Several of the pillows scattered around the home are from the fabric line as well.  When the furniture line was launched, I almost fainted. I have a thing for chairs. I am not kidding. After each of my children were born, I bought chairs. New kitchen chairs. New living room chairs. New dining room chairs. Who knows what it means….but I can tell you for sure, I would have a few more kids if it meant I could get these babies!


This beauty would be perfect in the nook in the family room. I can see it now.

dwell studio furniture

Everything is the bomb here. The rug, console, fabric….yep these babies would go in the make believe library.

Pinned Image

I will take two of each.

Do you Dwell?

all images: DwellStudio | Living Room Chairs – Upholstered Chairs – Modern Dressers.


2 thoughts on “Have a seat

  1. I have to admit I don’t pay attention to chairs. But I’m glad you do because now I will look more carefully into the furniture I chose.

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