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Enhance Fertility….Naturally


For some reason the spring always makes me think of babies. Maybe it is the “rebirth” of mother nature, or those that conceived in the winter have now found themselves with fuller bellies and a pride to show them off. It always seems to me that this is the time of year I get phone calls from couples trying to have a baby of their own…and are challenged.

As we all have read and seen, recent infertility rates affect nearly 20% of couples in the United States. These numbers continue to rise due to higher levels of toxicity in our environment, stress, electromagnetic exposure, greater amounts of obesity among the population, and consumption of processed foods (leading to serious nutrient deficiencies). Science tells us that approximately 33% of infertility is linked to the female and 33% is linked to the male and the last third is “unexplainable” by science.

Even though obtaining pregnancy seems like an impossible feat even under the most normal circumstances, with reproductive stumbling blocks the process can be made much more difficult. This article will offer some practical tips to naturally enhance conception and help sustain a healthy pregnancy and ultimately a healthy baby. I can tell you the sacrifice starts now, and these easy steps are NOTHING compared to the great sacrifice that parenthood is from the beginning (or before the beginning).

In my experience infertility is multi factorial, and if we can give the body every advantage to be healthy and balanced, it will want to reproduce.

Recommendations for both parents include:

No chemical cleaners in the house– there is no governmental safety testing for household cleaners. Instead use vinegar in a diluted solution.

natural cleanersIf there is a warning label on an item do not use– as it probably contains toxins, and these chemicals can contribute to cancers, allergies, diabetes, asthma, and psychiatric disorders such as ADD/ADHD, and of course infertility.

Drop the dye– Hair dye is not only toxic but is applied directly to your scalp, e.g: skin, the largest organ of the body and the biggest filter for toxins; In maximizing fertility we want to remove toxins from the body not introduce them. If you must dye your hair use a Henna rinse, made from plants. However in my opinion there is no more natural state than motherhood so why not start now, with your natural hair color.

Smell like roses–real roses- fragrance in perfumed products have also not undergone safety testing and could be harmful, these products also include fabric softeners, lotions, air fresheners, etc. use instead aromatic fruits and real flowers

Kill the “killers”– any of the household items that contain the word “kill”, like weed killer, flea killer, etc also kill precious sperm and eggs and should be used by only professionals trained to use them….get them out of your house for sure. They will have to go when junior arrives anyway, as they are super harmful to little ones. There are many natural alternatives, better for you and the environment.

fruits and vegetables

 Enjoy your carbs!!!– research has shown women who eat 60% of their diet a carbohydrate energy were healthier, weighed less, and conceived faster. These were of course the “healthy” carbs, like veggies, fruits, & whole grains.

Take some vitamins- Research has shown antioxidants such as Selenium, Vitamin C & E, and Zinc have been shown to maximize fertility in healthy individuals. Also for men a very beneficial herb called…of all things “horny goat weed” helps motility and quantity of sperm and chaste berry helps balance female hormones and insure ovulation, use under a doctor’s care of course.

Make sure your diet is balanced, full of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as healthy protein, carbohydrates and fats. Eliminate all artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and chemicals, and enjoy a lot of purified water (not from a plastic bottle). This includes dads too, as half of your baby’s DNA comes from the father.

I tell you from a provider stand point there is nothing more gratifying than helping a couple achieve parenthood and watching a family grow, and as a parent there is no greater gift than being a mommy.

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Dr. Kendra Becker practices at Family Wellness Centre of CT. She integrates holistic and conventional medicine to best serve her patients

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