Another post about that list…..

I know this might be a totally boring post for you to read. I sincerely apologize. But this is what has been going on in my neck of the woods. My list is getting smaller. I guess it is good that I have a lot on my mind, because when I have a lot on my mind I clean and condense. So there has been a lot of that at home.

The hall closet across from the children’s bath has been a catch-all of nothing. It started out empty when we built the home. There was literally not one thing in it. It was like that for at least 5 years. Not the case now.

Seriously, I could be on hoarders. I swear that the rest of my home is clutter free. It is just the closets that look like this. Honestly. When I owned the retail stores with my college friend, we only wore the denim we sold and blazers. I have enough blazers to wear every day for the next year. After I returned to my other profession, the denim and blazer look was not appropriate. So there the jackets sit. Waiting for me to take them out for a date.

And this is what it looks like now. Sigh. I got rid of everything. The top two bags are our beach bags. When I take those babies down for the season and they permanently live in my car, I am one happy camper.

All of these were donated and the boxes tossed. I cannot believe all that was in there is now just a distant memory.

Miss F’s closet was chaos. Simple as that. Utter chaos.  You cannot see it but it goes 4 feet more on each side which means more room to stuff and jam stuff in there that will never see the light of day.

Miss F was my helper that night and she and I ripped everything out of that closet. She had a blast rummaging through everything. You can see her reading her books below.

Next, we organized everything by item and color. Crazy you might think, but really makes getting her outfits out for the morning without much thought now.

The final product. All her baskets are organized for the upcoming months, keepsakes stored away, and diapers and wipes put into cubbies.

And I promise there is nothing hidden in the crevices of the closet you cannot see.

The playroom is next on my list. That bad boy will never know what hit ’em. I am getting rid of everything. My goal is 10 bags. After that, the  “office” closet. Now, I have cleaned that one out at least twice a year. It just cannot keep itself together. It’s a mess and needs professional help. That is the only one that I truly dread.

What have you been up to? Anything that has made you question why the heck you spent all your hard earn money on crap that either breaks, takes up space or you never wear? I would be a billionaire by now if I had kept my wallet at home. The bags and bags of stuff gone is like throwing cash out the window. Glad I am learning my lesson now and not 10 years ago. sarcasm. reality check.


4 thoughts on “Another post about that list…..

  1. I have 2 bags of drees up clothes/shoes/fairy wings that have hung in A’s room since she was 2 and her grandpa made her a dress rack. Between her dust mite allergy, the mess from playdates and the lack of space for her actual clothes combined with the fact that she NO LONGER wants to play princess (sniff)- I finally had to admit it was time for them to go. Very hard for me. They are sitting at the bottom of my stairs. I need a bit more time with them, I think.

    • The sentimental stuff is the hardest to purge…..I have to go through the school projects now……You can do it!!! Sitting at the bottom of the steps is the first phase. That’s what my dining room table is used for!

  2. i give you guys a lot of credit…my attic is full of stuff i hate to part with, but i am moving things from the living space to the attic and then from there donated…..its hard to de-clutter but it feels sooo good. I took the cabinet down that was in my kitchen with 3 open shelves and 3 shelves behind doors….everything but one small bin is gone…feels good.

    • It is so hard because everything reminds you of something! But I am really trying to remind myself if I haven’t used it in a year or even thought about it, I am getting rid of it….Great Job Auntie Cat!!!!

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