Who are you looking at playroom?

This is what I found when I went down into the playroom after I put everyone to bed one night.

Even our dog DJ was looking around trying to find his way out of the maze.

Now I know there is a school of thought that believes it is the child’s domain, and it is a playroom so it will look like this and that is ok. Well, I have never applied to that school and I wouldn’t do well with that philosophy. I tackled that mess and didn’t look back. I got rid of bags and bags of stuff. They never even knew I did it. Mission accomplished.

There is another area to the playroom that you cannot see. It is home to the kitchen set and tool bench. That was the only area that was clean and neat. They never got to that part, thankfully.



6 thoughts on “Who are you looking at playroom?

  1. What beautiful room! We “clean” (as in major overhaul; it gets cleaned regularly too) our playroom once per year. We call it “Chuck Day”. It’s a long story that you can read in the archives of my blog, but the short version ends with bags of stuff going to charities, broken things being thrown, and everything in it’s place. It usually doesn’t last long but I always take a picture to remember it by!

    • Hi Amy! Thanks! I like that name “Chuck Day”…. it feels so great to get rid of the things that are broken and give to those who would appreciate all the items that are still in tip-top condition!

  2. Thats incredible….thats Mr. C’s room when he leaves on monday after his dad picks him up…then i am bringing bins up to the attic….i should be bringing them to the goodwill!! you are an inspiration!!!

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