Oreo Moon phases-

Isn’t this such a cool idea? I am always on the look-out for educational activities that combine hands-on learning with instruction. With this it is a combination of treat and science.

After seeing the amazingly beautiful moon this week, I thought about how to explain the moon in a kid friendly way. Planets, solar system, gravity, moon, sun, stars, galaxies are all very intriguing topics for little ones. I think the fact that they cannot touch them through guided or independent exploration  makes it difficult for them to grasp in understanding.


My son has been fascinated with astronauts and space lately. When he goes to the library with Miss A, they take out books about space. My dad had a telescope when I was growing up, and I remember he would set it up on specific nights when certain planets would be most visible. I think S would really be excited to look at these planets close up.

Have you taught anything in a kid friendly way that combined food with academics?

image 1 via    image 2


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