Rest with Exercise

Contributor Audra

Eat healthy and do exercise. Let your body do the rest

So now that you’ve started to move….it’s time to know when to rest.

Having exercised consistently for more than a decade, I know how hard it is to stop. But even the sports car needs to rest now and then. When you should rest depends on your workout schedule and of course, your health. Here’s a quick guideline that I’ve always used to maintain a nice balance.

1. If you are working out 6 days a week, on the 7th day, you should rest. Or if you look at your 7 day schedule, pick one day to rest. I’m talking about tough workouts where you burn 500+ calories. Your body needs to time to heal and rest up for the next workout. If you don’t rest, you’re likely to injure yourself.

**Now if you are walking 6 days a week, I would suggest you switch that to 5 and pick 2 days to do weight workouts. You don’t need a rest day until you feel you need one.

If you're at risk for diabetes, brisk walking is an easy exercise that can promote physical fitness. The Seton Diabetes Education Center is providing a free seminar on this subject with Dr. Carla Emery-Culberson, an Austin podiatrist.

2. If you have a head cold, but no fever, you can still walk. I wouldn’t go for a run if you can’t breathe well or if your head hurts. I wouldn’t go to the gym or a class either just for the simple fact of spreading germs. You can also do a light weight workout at home. If you have body aches, rest!! If there is any fever, REST!!!

 3. If you have an injury, you need to rest that part of your body. Remember muscle anywhere on your body burns fat, so keep that in mind as panic sets in. I have had knee surgery and a broken toe. I’ve twisted ankles and had elbow tendonitis. These conditions required me to rest. I’ll be honest, it was torture!! But I was able to modify how I worked out while my body healed. For example, with a broken toe or twisted ankle, you can sit in a chair and work your upper body (weights). You can also lie on the floor for sit-ups and turn over for knee push ups. You can do leg lifts in a chair and from a floor position. So take a deep breath, and think about what parts of your body you can still keep fit.

4. With that being said, once you start working out and getting stronger, there will be days when you do 2 workouts in one day. Sometimes my schedule with my daughters prevents me from getting in a good workout for days. So I try to double up on the days that I can. For me some weeks are 2 days of rest (torture for everyone in my family, trust me!) and then 5 days hard.

i want calm to be second nature to me.

Be proud of yourself that being fit has become such an integral part of your life. But don’t let it take over. Don’t let it compromise your health.

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One thought on “Rest with Exercise

  1. Ack! I hate this post–jkjk–I totally don’t want to rest, but if I listen to numbers 2 and 3, I probably should. My knee still hurts from when the dog ran into me, and I’m still sick (but getting better). But I’m on my Insanity videos and I really want to do them. The doctor said my knee was ok to workout on, but he told me that the last time I had a fractured foot (until after he ordered an MRI for me). Oh gee. What to do!

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