Do you ever feel like you just need a change? Like you are stuck in a rut? Well, for me it’s my hair. I know there are bigger problems to worry about. Believe me. I get that. But, sometimes a girl just needs a change.

Here is what I am thinking…..



Bangs are beautiful.


Do you get that urge to just switch it up?

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image 3

image 4


6 thoughts on “Bangz

  1. Go for it!! You would look great with bangs!!! Been thinking about it myself…. Had bangs all my life and finally grew them out so I may enjoy this for a while longer!!

  2. From personal experience..just don’t do it…I was going for audrey Hepburn…got dora the explorer…and my hair did not know what to do so they were so curly..took months to grow out

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