DIY Wild Herringbone Print

Am I absolutely insane? I think I want to do this project this summer. The color scheme would be different though. But I am seriously considering this. I am not a DIY-er and am certainly not crafty. At all. I get the ideas, plan for execution and then rope someone in to do it. Well the big-overwhelming stuff anyway. But this I think is a possibility. All I need is a paper cutter. And to be a bit different, I might use paint chips from the local paint store. It will still create the chevron look.  Hmmmmn


6 thoughts on “DIY-not

  1. You have totally inspired me. I love this and if you saw my post w my butterfly picture you know i want to get back into painting. I could totally paint somethink like this. Thanks for posting your inspiration.

  2. I am not a DIY-er. In fact, I feel like a bad person because I don’t do projects. I am crafty, just don’t have the time anymore. Go for it! Just don’t spend a lot of money in case it doesn’t work out. I bet it will though. 🙂

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