Dwell does it again

When Miss P and I walked to get the mail the other day and I opened the mailbox and saw the new Dwell catalog, I jumped up and down. It was the highlight of my week, besides watching Miss F walk on her own all around the house. Big things happening!

I have mentioned in this post (Have a seat.) how much I love the products and furniture of the line. I love how there is a mix of design styles and eras that look effortless.


I am in love with this crib. When I had Miss P, I searched high and low for a crib that had mid-century lines. There was absolutely nothing out there 8 years ago. There were not many lines that offered anything different. This crib comes in several finishes.

Reynolds Dove

The Chesterfield sofa is something that I am not sure if I like or dislike. The Dwell version switches it up a bit and takes the traditional back and adds mid-century to the base and legs. I just wish it came in bench cushion style instead of three cushions. But who am I kidding. I do not need a sofa and my bank account does not need a withdrawal.

chester sofa

Here it is in leather and I think naming it Chester is such a cool take on the traditional name.

Ok. These chairs with the gold accents and the diggity diggity bomb rug is fantastic. I think the art work is striking as well. I have a friend painting a new piece that combines black, grey, gold and white. This picture reaffirms my new obsession with gold and bronze.

When you walk to your mailbox and open it, is there any particular catalog that makes you all giddy?


all images via DwellStudio.


7 thoughts on “Dwell does it again

  1. You are amazing! I would never even think to look to furniture except as a functional piece. Thanks for making me take a step back!
    I LOVE Athleta and Title 9…I usually just recycle them because circling everything I want just makes me sad.

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