Kids’ work

If you are new to this blog, I have been sharing or maybe over-sharing the disaster zones of the closets in our home. Nothing like putting it all out there, but the end results are worth the knowledge that I am a closet hoarder.

So my office closet, which you can read about here ( The closet I call my office.   ) was my last project. After I swept through that, I ended up with a mini project waiting to be put on a list so then I can cross it off the list, that eagerly sat on my dining room table. All of my children’s keepsake school mementoes that I saved were haphazardly put on the shelf in the closet. So my next step was to make it very neat and organized. Miss P and I went through every article and placed them in the keep pile or toss file for both her work and the school work S has done.

Miss P had a blast looking through her work when she was in nursery school. After, we put art work in a folder, report cards and pictures in a plastic clasp envelope, and any written work in another folder. I typed up a cover sheet for each year. The cover sheet had a place for the school picture for that year, the name of the teacher, year, friends’ names, hobbies, milestones and trips.

All of the items I found at Staples. When it was all organized and filed, P and S had their own bins.

The system has really worked. When they come home from school, we decide what we want to keep, if anything, and then we file it. The kids really like doing this. The best part is my closet is clean and all their work is stored.

And this wasn’t even on a list to do. Gotta love that!


3 thoughts on “Kids’ work

  1. Been working on this here at my house too!! trying to get the paperwork weeded and the piles of stuff out of the house!! I did not start with a closet I started with that horrendous yard!! so much more to get done….. too bad I cannot find a hoarded stash of “time”!!!

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