I really have to consider adding some color to my wardrobe that does not have a stitch of black in it. I was over at . like I am every weekday morning, seeing her beautiful photographs. Jena just has a way of shooting her subjects that make everything look cool and like you want to hang there.

These images had me stop instantly. Her legs look a mile long with the nude shoes. The colors are beautiful. Just enough tan.


3 thoughts on “Wren

  1. When I was married before, my ex didn’t like me in color. So I mostly wore white and black. When I got divorced, my wardrobe totally changed. I have so much color now. Yes, find something that doesn’t have black in it. You will be surprised at how happy it makes you. 🙂
    For all the colors you post, I’m surprised you don’t have stuff that doesn’t have color in it.

    • What colors do you gravitate toward? I am drawn to color as you can see by all the pictures that I feature. I find that my summer clothes always pop more in shades of blue and green. I finally bought a pair of red and pink pants! LOL

      • for decorating, i love fall shades of colors: burnt orange, brown, deep blues.
        for clothing, i like reds, blues–primary colors. 🙂
        picture please (red and pink pants rock!)

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