Do you buy all that?


OK. Someone asked me recently if I buy all the outfits I post on here. I had to pause a minute before I immediately laughed out loud. First of all, there is not enough money to purchase all the eye candy that I post on here. Secondly, as you know I am in the throes of purging and the idea of replenishing the copious amounts I have tossed would be totally a waste of time. Third, I have children and they have needs.

The term that sticks out to me is eye candy. I am a visual person and the images I find most captivating, interesting, and thought-provoking might be  a lot of bank, but they are just images for thought.

Old cardboard price tags... love

I think that is the down fall for many. The instant gratification of purchasing and then the awful debilitating hangover of the realization of what have I done and do I really need this. The ping-pong discussion you have in your brain over the absolute no need for a majority of the materials we purchase.

I am so guilty of this. It has always been about the shoes, clothes and bags. I have justified the bags I purchase. I can hand them down to my girls. But that is even a stretch. So I went on a spending freeze and it has been exhilarating. So, when you see these fabulous outfits or furniture, the UPS man is not ringing my doorbell everyday.

It is all eye candy.

image 1 via Life Made Lovely. image 2 via


3 thoughts on “Do you buy all that?

  1. I love this!! This is how I shop lately!! I “window” shop through catalogs, store fronts and online websites… even fill up the virtual cart at times and when I am done I simply log out. Fun and thrifty!! 😉

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