P’s Party Revisited

View from the party was overcast but it was still nice to be by the water.

Sea Star cupcakes were delicious and a perfect amount for each kid.

Well, Miss P’s kid party was pretty cool. The kids were entertained, learned some new things, explored, painted and ate. Phew…..

Even though it was a rainy day, the ocean views were still stellar. I was really impressed with the group of friends Miss P invited. I understand this age group really well. I really get a kick out of this age because they are very independent, but are craving learning new things. And when they do learn something new, they need to share it to whomever they see. Their confidence level takes a big boost around this age, and it is so cool to witness it. While they were learning about sea creatures, the teacher asked if they had any questions. At least 8 hands shot up. I loved that.

They painted T- shirts. Created sea stars with their fingers and fish with the palm of their hands. So cute.

They explored sea creatures up close. They were able to use their scientist skills to decide how each creature used their bodies to survive from predators, how they captured food and how they all moved in different ways.

Party favors were the t shirts and cookies in the shapes of sand dollars, sea horses, clams and sea stars.

Happy Birthday Miss P!


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