What’s a Big Wheel?

Big Wheels

Growing up in the 70s was really cool when I look back. Before everything was teched out, powered and flashed and blinked. I think my kids really miss out on sustained play using imagination and creativity because most everything they have does the thinking for them. My kids do have creativity and imagination, it is just different because the times are different. Things just aren’t as simple.

I remember my Big Wheel, my kitchen set, and my dolls being my favorites. But besides that, we would play outside for hours, pretending the fields were cities, the old chicken coop a jail, the stone wall a grocery store and the huge rock behind the driveway, our city home. My cousin and I would walk the trails in the woods to and from our relatives homes. Now, I only let my kids play in the backyard and I wouldn’t even think about letting them walk in the woods without me. We pretended all the time, in the front rooms of the farmhouse were our spaceships, the barn was a new planet and the ponds were always visited to look for fish and tadpoles.

I cannot help but think my own children would have really enjoyed the way we played as kids. They would have had a blast.


One thought on “What’s a Big Wheel?

  1. I know! I’m glad I have a big back yard for the girls to explore. It’s the front yard I worry about because it’s so close to the street…and people always speed to get to the marinas. I miss exploring…

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