Easter Blessings

Happy Easter.

We are probably in the midst of searching for Easter eggs and the baskets.

Aw! Cute idea to have an Easter party!

Silk-dyed Easter eggs. Seems easy enough and they look awesome!

If you celebrate Easter, do you do anything special? Are there any traditions that have been passed down in your family from generation to generation? Growing up, we would celebrate the day before Easter with hard boiled eggs and kielbasa. That was my Polish side.

Easter Egg hunt with the real meaning of easter

These cards are a wonderful way to explain to children the true meaning of Easter and have an Easter Egg Hunt all in one.


4 thoughts on “Easter Blessings

  1. Easter was never a big holiday in my family. I remember we traveled to see my Aunt and Uncle in New Hampshire and someone always got sick. Does that count? ;-0

  2. We used to go visit my grandma (and grandpa when he was alive), and have a great big meal. Grandma always made the BEST homemade mac and cheese ever and I always looked forward to that. I got the recipe once, but I lost it. I haven’t tried it since, but I think I could remember what she did. When grandpa was alive, he would expertly hide our easter baskets around the house. That was so fun!

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