Packing for a trip outta here

I love stacks of vintage suitcases.

How do you pack for a vacation? Do you wing it and do it the night before? Do you make a list and stick to it? Do you pack a lot and then edit as the departure date approaches?

Before I had my children, I would pack the day before and pack a lot. After I had children, I changed my routine. I pack them first. I pack myself after, but I edit all of us as the date approaches. We decided for our family, that renting a home or suite that comes with a washer and dryer is the best idea for us. Now, I pack even less. I actually share a suitcase with my youngest two children.

Traveling with young children can be a bit nerve bending. I try to limit the suitcases because we are dealing with carseat and a stroller. This year I am thinking we will take a carseat on the plane for Miss F to sit in instead of checking it. I have a feeling she will be a wiggle worm and she is more content in her seat. It should be interesting walking through the airport lugging it, but I think it will make for a more chill flight.

I am  in the process now of packing- a week in advance. I have everything laid out and will edit as the week goes. When I pack, I plan outfits and items that are interchangeable. We rarely go anywhere cold while we are on vacation, so the bulky items stay home.

This year we are renting a home on the beach. We are pretty excited about this and are eagerly awaiting the warmer weather, pool and beach as a backyard.

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4 thoughts on “Packing for a trip outta here

  1. Nice! We still stay in hotels because the girls like pushing the elevator buttons, using the room keys, and swimming in the pool. I haven’t mastered the packing yet. I overpack for the girls and underpack for me.

  2. It always happens the night before, despite my best intentions. The kids pack themselves (with some supervision) and then it’s onto me. I fail miserably at packing lightly. My biggest problem is too many shoes. There’s my favorite flip flops, then the new ones I purchased for the trip, and the ones that will go with everything, and what if I want to wear these out for dinner? and I’ll need sneakers? And then I forget key items like a jacket or sweater, or bras. I try to stick with one color scheme…like grays and whites with some color pops…but that always fails as I pack up navy, black, beige, etc. It turns into a giant messy pile wherever we stay. Then there’s the baby: it’s all the gear and extras that weigh us down. Stroller, carseat, backpack? or bjorn? diaper bag type thing that’s always overstuffed…
    Have a great vacation!

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