One step at a time

Well, Miss F has been cruising around and walking on her own for a while now. I am so proud of her, but at the same time it makes me cry. She gets so excited as she realizes she is walking on her own. She quickly stops, hesitates, bends her knees not knowing if she should sit or go. I am always right in front of her, cheering her on. She walks right into my arms, hugs me and squeals with delight.

I can truly say that being a mother is one of the most challenging, rewarding, push-my-buttons gig that I have ever had. I want to hold on to them, protect them, but at the same time I want them all to spread their wings and fly. It is such an intense ride.

I always dread the common questions that I have been asked in the past about my children. Does he crawl yet? Did she sleep through the night? Did she say any words yet? Sometimes I find them to be quite self-serving, because does the other person really care or do they just want to let you know their child did that all on the first day he/she was born. Since Miss F will most likely be my last since I am not a spring chicken, I want to savor every single thing she does, and all on her own time. One step at a time.


2 thoughts on “One step at a time

  1. I hear you. I thought I would have another, so I don’t know that I cherished all the firsts…but now that I have decided no more, I am making sure to pay closer attention. Motherhood is definitely a tough gig, but the fact that you are thinking about it means that you are a GREAT mother!!! Those 3 are lucky to have you!

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