Vacation Home

So here is where we stayed while we were in Boca Raton. Last year we took an RV down to Boca Raton to see one of my dearest friends. The trip was one to remember, one for the fact that we survived in that thing and the second because we were able to hang with our friends.  One the way back home, we stayed in Charleston. That city is magical.

We took an RV on a whim because Miss F was too young in our opinion to fly. I would reconsider that if I was in the same position. The ride was so bumpy, amusement ride bumpy, but it was a ride that I could not get off. At one point, when we were near Newark, I was like I am outta here. Book me a flight. This is not happening. I held Miss F the entire way. No Joke. Cradled her head because I was afraid the vibration and bumps would damage her. I was tired and spent. What can I say. When that part is retold, it has everyone in stitches. I was a mess.

So this time around, we booked a home. We figured that it would be less than what a suite would cost and when considering the amount of money we would spend on food at a resort, this was the route for us. We could walk to the beach. We cooked. Kept a routine for the baby and we had room to do our own thing. Priceless.

We had room to move. We packed considerably less because we could do laundry at the home. We grocery shopped and ate at the neighborhood beach diner. We got to know the store and restaurant owners and staff. We really felt at home.

This was one of those times when you really wished vacation was a bit longer. Until next year.


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