Bar Cart Revisited

So my bar cart has been a work in progress. I think Miss F enjoys playing with the shells more than we actually use the cart.

Here is the first version of what was on the cart. I was just pillaging from shelves in the kitchen trying to see what worked and what didn’t. It still looked flat to me.

See, I told you she loves the shells. We have collected shells from the beaches in our town and from our family vacations on the Cape and in Florida for years. They were scattered throughout the home or in boxes, having no particular point. I had an extra vase hanging around and I put all the shells in it as part of the vignette.

I was in Home Goods a while ago. That store is always my go- to when the stores in town are a bit pricey. I have been searching for years, seriously years, for a coral piece that matched my home and wasn’t a lot of bank. Stopping in the store on a whim, I found two. I didn’t even have a cart because I didn’t think I would even find anything. I carried by hand that was how pumped I was to find them. So here is what the cart looked like for a bit.

Then one afternoon I decided I was going to clean out all my kitchen cabinets.  They were not even on the list. So I started to go through every single cabinet. Anyhoo, so when I started to clean that out, my bar cart started to evolve.

Here is what it looks like now. I took the blue martini glasses from the kitchen to add a pop of color. More glassware from the cabinets that are never seen also were added.

Here is the final version. For now anyway. It adds just a little something to the room.


One thought on “Bar Cart Revisited

  1. Wow that looks fabulous!! i love the coral…whats the piece on the wall ? thats cool….love the bamboo with the shells…very floridian….

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