Boca Bike Shop

The Boca Bike Shop. is seriously such a rad place. We were visiting regulars on our stay in Boca. I am not kidding when I say we probably went into the store at LEAST 3 times a day.

The candy colored beach cruisers lined outside the shop was impossible to ignore. Dave the owner and Harrison his right hand man, were so cool and just really into what they did for a living.

When I think of bicycles and the tires, black always comes to my mind. Not in this store. There is orange, hot pink, white, brown, pink, blue, black, green, red…you name it, it is probably there.

Rims come in all different colors and so do the fenders. It is like alacarte but for bicycles. It actually overwhelmed me at one point. But Dave and Harrison steered me in the right direction.

The vibe of the store and all the graffetti is a field trip in and of itself. The wall art is so creative and I think it compliments what the whole deal is with the place. A lone surf board sits on a rafter. A vintage coca cola cooler and swing chairs make it feel like a place that is fine to chill.

The wheels can have colored lights put on them for night rides. Disco balls take the place of the traditional valve covers. You want a basket? They have bamboo, wicker, bags, wired…seriously…they thought of everything.

Chains don’t have to be black. You can have red, pink, blue, gold, whatever you want. The chains can have more than one color. It’s sick.

Summer the guard dog is the nicest guard dog I ever did see. Wagging her tail and supervising all the going-ons.

If you are in the market for a bike, you should check them out. They ship anywhere and everywhere and will walk you through the process of getting a ride that is perfect for you.

Click the link Boca Bike Shop.

Click to like them Boca Bike Shop on Facebook

Phone: 561.218.4309



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