A Hint of Lilac

Lilac isn’t just about those beautiful flowers. It can transcend into fashion as well. I bought Miss P some lilac jeans and she looks adorable in them. But the color is not just for the young at heart.

Orange and Lilac

A hint of lilac with those killer shoes.

from the blog, Knightcat <3 #fashion #dress #purple #cute #floral #summer #style #lilac #brunette

Here is a sweet version in this dainty dress. I love the pleating on the bottom.

lilac alexander mcqueen & jimmy choo. Look at that tiny waist!

She is absolutely beautiful. She is so delicate looking and the Alexander  McQueen solidifies that.

Lilac Ruffles

This would be so pretty for a summer wedding. The shoes have to go though.

Do you have any lilac in your wardrobe?

image 1 via  grayboyxx.tumblr.com image 2 via knighttcat.com image 3 via people.com image 4 via shopbop.com


One thought on “A Hint of Lilac

  1. My favorite color growing up was lavender! I love the purple dress. It would be great to a wedding or a reunion… but you are right the shoes have to go!!! Metallic strappy things would be better! ❤

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