The Communion Dress

Trying to find a First Communion dress for Miss P has been no small feat. I truly believe it has been harder to find that dress then it was to find a wedding dress. I am a pretty simple gal, and I dress my daughters like that as well. That was the first problem I encountered.

There is a dress for every style, except our style. Miss P wanted a very simple white dress, knee length, no bells no whistles. We began our internet search in October. OCTOBER! The actual Communion was not until May, but that was a wise decision on my part, because it took us until the end of April to order two, with the rule that one would go back.  I was raised Catholic, and there are a few unwritten rules that I grew up with. One of them being, the girls could not have their shoulders showing for their First Communion. I know that times have changed in this regard, but I wanted to stick to close to that as possible. So that at least helped us search the thousands of options that were out there.

Gorgeous little dress for wedding, first communion...

This one is from Jcrew. Miss P adored it, only it did not come in white. So scratch that one.

Jewel Knee-length A-line First Communion/Flower Girl Dress With Lace

What a sweet looking dress, but Miss P disliked the hem and thought she would look like she was getting married. That made me chuckle since this was coming from a 7 year old who really does think ahead.

Girls can wear veils, heels, gloves, bows, flowers, jackets, tights, no tights, no bows, no veils, curly hair, buns, straight hair. You name it, it is there for you to buy. If you want the miniature bride look, it is there for you as well. Cute, but that is not Miss P. So veils, gloves, bows, jackets were out in her mind. She and I thought that a crown of flowers made of baby’s breath might do the trick.

"get over your hill and see what you find there with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair" -Mumford and Sons <3

So we will be trying that, but I am also ordering a gardenia to be pinned to a clip just in case.

flowers in her hair

Pinned Image

Dress 1 is so simple. This is totally my girl P. No fuss. Love it. So when it arrived, she was so happy. When she tried it on, her shoulders were covered, it was the right length and was not “jazzy” as she said.


Dress 2 arrived and now we had a problem. She actually liked the extra detail. Her shoulders were completely covered. The length was right on. Oh boy. Wasn’t expecting this.

I always told Miss P whatever dress she wanted was cool by me. So after months and months of searching, you can imagine my shock when a friend of mine whose daughter is also celebrating her Communion with Miss P told me the girls will be wearing robes over their dresses. ROBES! Are you kidding me! You mean to tell me that the dress we searched for since October will not even be seen because it will be covered by robes that are not in the best condition and are 10 sizes too big. ROBES!

I am so baffled by this. I have never even heard of such a thing. I have been to countless First Communions, and never have I ever seen girls wearing robes. What is the point of even getting a dress?

Oh well……We just roll with it and it will be all good…..her dress will look amazing under the robe!


4 thoughts on “The Communion Dress

  1. ROBES!? well that just takes all the “fun” out of it! My quest for Nora’s dress just ended as well. I ordered 3! One we are keeping for a summer party dress–it was cotton eyelet and I feel like it’s too casual for communion. the last to arrive is the keeper. Same issues as Miss P-not too fancy or frilly…but we also had fabric requirements, “nothing itchy,” and “NO TULLE MOM!” Also doing a halo of very small flowers, not white, but purple. Gasp! Now what am I going to wear???

    • I never would have thought this dress search would have been such a project…..the halo sounds so pretty! Our girls are quite specific and know what they like! Awesome for us…makes the search a bit easier!

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