The Makings of a Communion

Well, last I left off about Miss P’s Communion was that she would have to wear a robe. I am so happy to say that the Monseigneur rethought this and now the girls are able to wear their dresses so that all can see them. Let’s just say that if Miss P could have shouted with delight, she would have.

Capezio Toddler Girl White Satin Ballet Shoes Size Baby 6- Girls 2.5:

The next issue was what kind of shoes to wear. I looked endlessly for a pair that I knew would pass her test, but nothing was just right for what she was picturing. So I thought of simple white ballet flats. She loved the idea. So she and I ran to a dance studio and purchased a pair.

I had no idea that the children had to create a banner. Miss P came home last from CCD and handed me pictures and a small poster board the size of a piece of paper. I stared at her totally confused. She said we had to use glitter and markers. And it was due in a week. Ok…sounds easy enough. Cut to one day later and I am opening up an attachment from her CCD teacher with pictures of banners that have been created in previous years. These banners did not have an ounce of glitter or markers on them. They were made of fabric, intricate and beautiful. People used sewing machines!

News flash, I do not know how to sew. So I ran to Joann’s Fabric and bought fabric, letters, no sew tape and a glue gun. I bought fabric that I could cover the poster board with that was sturdy. Different colors for the symbols that I could trace and cut. I had no clue what I was doing. But thought I surely could make it look half way decent.

Miss P had to teach me how to use a glue gun. She was a great teacher. But we got it done.

Finished product. Miss P and I made a great team. She liked the end result and that is all that matters to me!


3 thoughts on “The Makings of a Communion

  1. What a beautiful poster! i love the colors….and i am so glad that we will all get to see the dress instead of the robe ;(…cant wait…

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