Mother’s Day Inspired Gifts

Trying to get something for that special mom can be a bit difficult. Me, I am a no fuss kind of gal. I am really not into the extravagant gifts. Anything that my kids make and one picture of all of us together really really is all that I need. But if you are out shopping, here are some ideas.

For the mom who loves jewelry, these rings are so beautiful. The Ariel Gordon Jewelry line has such pretty items. I love Rose Gold. Love it. So delicate, vintage inspired and unique.  These rings are a set of three. I would wear them on my index finger but they come in many sizes to fit any finger. I really like that they are so thin and delicate.

Paper Thin Rings

Since Miss P was born, for every Mother’s Day the Mr. buys me an apple tree. The kids go with him and they pick out one. I have several all over the property. The first one is huge. The gesture is really so sweet and it has become a family tradition.

A perfect gift also for the bag lover would be anything from Clare Vivier. I have 8 of her pieces. She has a huge cult following. HUGE. The best part is they are all made in the States. Anytime I use them, someone stops me and asks where I got it. I am not kidding. I uses her clutches every time I go out.  These are my top three and my go-to bags.

I love love this bag. The leather has aged well. It looks great with anything.

I have this messenger in black. I use it all the time as well. I wear it cross over. It comes in different colors.

The foldover clutch is the diggity-bomb. No seriously. I have several of these. You should check her out. Any mom, or any gal for that matter, will find something from her line that they will want.

Pinned Image

This is more like me. Food. Breakfast cooked for me and not by me. I think I want to try these baked eggs. This would make any mom smile with glee.

COCOA AND HEARTS: Original paintings is a fabulous site for the art lover. I am on her blog MadeByGirl every morning. She has such a unique approach to her art. Her pieces fit in any room in any home.

Ok…..I think these are good starts! Whatever the mom in your life gets, she already has the best gift….you.

image 1 via Paper Thin Rings. image 2 via my iphone images 3,4,5 via Clare Vivier image 6 via siriously delicious. image 7 via COCOA AND HEARTS: Original paintings


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