The Final Episode of The Closet

Hi. My name is Amy and I am a closet hoarder. This is the last episode of the series I am happy to report. I have cleaned, tossed, organized this home to an inch of its life and I can say that I am finished. I think I tossed an equivalent to one dumpster worth of stuff. I have to say, it feels great to be finished and it feels even better to not have that over my head or in my head for that matter.

What I am about to show you is atrocious. It is the storage room and it is no representation of who I am as an individual.

Let’s take a closer look… Elmo pinata. Check. Four extra dining room chairs. Check. Wreaths. Check. Art work. Check. Chandelier. Check. Picnic Basket. Check. For crying out loud, you say it, I will say, “Check.”

I took 50% of the stuff that was in there and put it into organized groups in the guest room. From there, I went back into the storage room and started going through everything. I went back and forth from room to room and put things in bins and condensed the piles down by 80%. Throwing things out or putting them in the correct bins. This took me 7 hours on and off on a Saturday.

This is what it looked like at the end of the day. Where in the world is everything? On the side of the wall. We had to move things to make room for the new shelving units that would go on that facing wall. But that was for Sunday morning. I was spent.

The next morning Miss P and the Mr. measured the wall and put together 3 shelving units from IKEA. We purchased the Gorm series. They worked like a charm.

This was the end result. You cannot see it because of the strange angles to the room, but the side to the right has another shelving unit that looks just like the one in the photo. Nothing is on the floor and everything is organized. The pine bookcase is finding a new home and all the clutter is gone.

This concludes the series on the Never-ending Closets. I know this was probably such a b*o*r*e , but I feel pretty good.

Now, how is your list doing? I found that the more I cleaned, the more it created little projects for me. So my list got longer, but I accomplished more in the end.


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