The Met Gala

I don’t know if I was totally annoyed with the fact that I burned my dinner or these looks were just terrible. I am no fashion guru, but these were misses, and so was my dinner. I ate Ben and Jerry’s for dinner instead in my Target Pjs, while I typed this. I have to say I like my pjs better than all these looks. Just sayin’.

P.L.E.A.S.E. I mean come on really?

I love Balenciaga. But this is just not happening in my book.

It pains me to say this, because I am all about the Gwyneth, but I hate the side boob action. There is one picture that is taken from the side and the dress is gorgeous, but I am not liking the front.

What is up with her hem? Something is just not right.

Huh? Ok then.


6 thoughts on “The Met Gala

  1. Ben & Jerry’s for dinner doesn’t sound like a miss to me! Just kidding! I’m no fashionista by ANY means, however even I know those dresses are horrendous!!

  2. Makes you wonder. With all their money and the names of the designers, can they not afford full length mirrors??? For some reason these remind me of the emperor’s new clothes… someone laughed all the way to the bank!!!

  3. Oh man…and I thought I had bad fashion days. If I went to an event looking like the above and was mocked in the media, I would fire my assistant on the spot!

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