Outside Happenings

Finally the weather around here has been a bit warmer, so we have been hanging outside and working on the flower beds. We had gloriously warm weather about a month ago, and then BAM cold weather returned.

You can never underestimate the look of fresh new mulch. It totally brightens up the look of the home. We had several of these areas around the home. Over the last two years we eliminated three of them and put in raised garden beds. I was sick of weeding and I think we have just enough now.

The finished look. It took just a few hours compared to a full day with less planting beds and the upkeep is minimal. Like none at all.

The only other thing I did was purchaseĀ 4 large ferns and put them in black large pots. I used to buy all types of hanging plants for the porches, but stopped because I didn’t have the energy to water them every single day. I wish I could be more dedicated, but I am not. I also bought two hydrangea that I put in large pots. At the end of the season, we plant them on the hill. I have quite a few now and I always cut from them in the summer to have flowers on the kitchen table.

The outside is all done. Low maintenance. Just exactly what I need.


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