Following your dream one step at a time

Irish dancer
Contributor Moira Speer from The Sheeaun Academy of Irish Dance
At thehouseoftrue, I have had a series on following your dreams and listening to your instinct. Moira is back to answer a few questions about this topic. I am always in awe of people who know what they want, even if it requires such a deep faith and trust in themselves, and just go for it. She is one of these people.

Having your own school is a huge accomplishment. Many of my contributors to the blog listened to their inner voice and went for it to make their “huge dreams” come true. What did it take for you to take such a giant leap and open your own academy?

It took a lot of people who believed in me.  I am so fortunate to have parents, a fiancé, family, and friends who believe in me and gave me the courage to go for it!

Like everyone, I had plenty of fear – fear of failing, of disappointing my family, friends, and myself. For a long time I convinced myself that it wouldn’t work, that it wasn’t realistic, etc. It’s crazy how easy it is to let fear get the better of you and to focus on all the reasons why not to do something, but it’s such a great feeling to shift the paradigm and think about all the reasons why you should, and to truly believe that it can work.

When I 1st opened my business, I held sign-ups at one of my locations.  I hung flyers for weeks, posted it on my website, put ads in the paper, etc.  Registration was from 4-6pm.  My mom and my aunt came with me; we got there at an hour early, set everything up, and waited…and waited…no one came.  I was devastated, I cried the whole way home and was so afraid I’d made a horrible mistake.  I’d quit my job, moved back home, took out loans…I was so scared!

It’s funny how life works though.  I think about that day often and I am so grateful for the memory now because it won’t allow me to take any of my success for granted.

How has dance changed you?

My 1st thought after reading this question was, “how hasn’t it changed me?!” It was the 1st thing I truly loved.  It gave me life-long friendships, brought me all over the world, taught me about hard work, practice, teamwork, showed me what it felt like to succeed, what it felt like to fall down, how it felt to come in 1st place, how it felt to come in last place, taught me how to take criticism, taught me how to give criticism, and taught me to be a good teacher.

For more information: Sheeaun Academy Of Irish Dance || We Believe In A Supportive, Positive Atmosphere So Our Students Feel Motivated And Confident!.

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