The Kitchen is done

Here is what the kitchen looked like for the last three years. I loved the black, but the only issue was it could look dark in there during the day.
The window above the sink looks onto the area of the porch that has a roof. So, even though it is light, it appears not to be the case with the darker paint.

Here is what it looks like now. Cabinets are painted super white and the island is a darker grey. It looks darker in this picture than in reality. This was after several wipe downs for dust and touch ups. I let the cabinets harden for a full week before I slowly started to load things into the cabinets.

And this is what the kitchen looks like now. I really thought about where I wanted to put things this time around. If I didn’t use it, I got rid of it. I got rid of my one or two glasses that are lone survivors and took out new glasses to use. Seriously, what is the point of buying it if we are not going to use it.

 So this project is completed. The room is so much brighter. I do not even have to put on the lights when I am preparing dinner. What I learned the second time around:

1. Go with your gut. I knew I wanted a contrast of color with the island and the cabinets. It was so hard for me to visualize it. So I just pulled the trigger and chose one and moved on. (I should take my advice and do that with all aspects of my life)

2. Seal the room. If you do not want to spend the next week of your life vacuuming curtains, rugs, walls, baseboards and mopping every single room in your home, then seal the room off.

3. Use pinterest as inspiration. When you pin images of the room that you are planning to remodel, what themes are always repeated in the images. For me, the three colors were white, black and grey and no upper cabinets. Pulling down my upper cabinets was not an option, so I concentrated on the color.

4. Trust. You need to really trust that the painter knows what he/she is doing.  Mistakes are not an option.

5. Enjoy it. When it is all said and done, enjoy seeing your vision in reality. Live it. Love it.


6 thoughts on “The Kitchen is done

  1. Love! Did you put somethingbon your floors to protect them? We are doing the whole painting/sanding thing in the next few weeks and the thought of dust EVERYWHERE is giving me MAJOR anxiety.

    • Cover your floors with those sheets of paper and they sell this type of plastic with the tape on it to seal off the room. If you can, try to do most in the garage or outside when you sand.

      • Done and done! I am sealing away! Ahhh…. That just quieted my anxiety! If only I could take the walls to the garage!

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