Gallery Walls

Gallery wall.

I have always loved gallery walls. There is so much you can do with them.

gallery wall(s)

The best part is they are easy to change. Pop the frame out and put a new picture in. I admit that I am color shy. I really stick to black, white and grey in my interiors and wardrobe. I guess I am a bit boring.

The gallery wall I created a few years back keeps to that scheme. Black frames and black and white photographs of the family. I really love looking at the photographs of when I was a child with my grandfather. It is so sweet to see those events in the past since I was too young to remember them. My children love looking at them as well. They really do get a kick out of seeing themselves as babies.

Maybe in the next home I will try some color. Live life dangerously.


One thought on “Gallery Walls

  1. You could always start slowly with the pop of color and just put one bright color frame in a carefully chosen spot int he middle of the others. Or just get highly colorful pics within your black frames all with the same white mat….. just a thought!

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