Food Trucks

food trucks!

I wish we lived in an area that endorsed this type of business. There are three trucks that I know of in a reasonable distance to where I live that exist. You can find them via their Facebook page.  However, out west they are everywhere. I know they are in abundance in the city as well and Boston. But nothing in our own local area.  I am so jealous.

Food Trucks for wedding dinner!

I love the idea of a food truck for the wedding after party. That would be killer with a reggae band.

Top 5 Vegan Friendly Food Trucks in Los Angeles

When I think of food trucks, I am not thinking of pretzels, popcorn and cotton candy. I am thinking the real deal, vegan , authentic Mexican, Indian, you name it. A meal on wheels.

Gourmet Food Trucks- Barcelona On the Go

Flying Pig Truck - One of the best food trucks I've experienced.  Especially loved the tamarind duck taco and the crunchy tofu bun!

I live 5 minutes from the cutest area on the shore. It would be a no-brainer and there are people everywhere that walk around seeing the sights. It would be so cool to get a fish taco, a fish caught locally from the ocean in our backyard, from a food truck that specializes in local and fresh.

When I used to work in the city, I would always gets my breakfast and lunch from two food trucks right outside my building. It was the best part of my day!

Do you have any food trucks that you frequent?

image 1 via 7 Food Trucks You Can Fund on Kickstarter « The Jailbreak – Infotainment for Creatives. image 2 via Food Trucks for your Wedding? | Eat My Wedding. image 3 via Search results for food trucks. image 4 via Local Gourmet Food Truck Signs Deal With Disney’s California Adventure – Orange County Restaurants and Dining – Stick a Fork In It. image 5 via Flying Pig | “Heavenly Taste!”.


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