Just sayin’

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Have you ever been in a situation where someone’s response or retort is so off base that it literally has you speechless? The kicker is you come up with a fabulous in your face comeback but in the car driving thirty minutes AFTER the fact.

Why do people get their kicks out of being rude? I just cannot figure it out. And why is it that my best comebacks are only for my benefit with an audience of only me in the car or looking in the mirror.

I bring this up because I was at the store a few weekends ago. I was minding my own business, going on my merry way when I happened to hear two people’s exchange with one another. One older woman basically belittled a complete strange, a young girl with a baby in her cart, because her cart accidentally touched the older woman’s cart in the aisle. ( Tongue Twister) I was in complete shock and felt awful for the girl who did not mean any harm. The older woman would not stop yelling at this young girl. I saw the tears welling up in her eyes as she tried to settle her scared baby. Obviously this young mother had no intentions of defending herself because her primary concern was for her baby. The older woman continued to berate her all the way down to the register. Awful. Sickening.

I drove home kicking myself that I did not at least try to talk to the young girl about anything to get that other woman to zip it. I mean, I could have said how I liked her baby’s jacket, where did she get it..anything. I had Miss F with me so I was obviously thinking about her and her well-being, but that older woman really was off base.

Be nice. Be respectful. Be a listener.  If we focused on those fundamentals, maybe there would be less adults who thought having the final say is the only way to communicate. Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Just sayin’

  1. I had a moment like that last week on the soccer field. Someone I know well came up to me, with her friend that I only I know a little and related a ” funny” thing this friend had said. As I stood there listening to this ” friend” re-enact her very offensive imitation of two people at the game, all I could manage to get out was a feeble ” that’s not nice”, in a sort of half- assed, non- confrontational way. Hours later, I was still berating myself, because not only do I strongly dislike this particular comedienne ( who really isn’t funny), I also happen to really like and respect the people she was mocking. Who were strangers to her. The audacity that she could presume I’d find her off- color remarks as amusing as she did really bothered me. When I shared this with the person we know in common, that individual shrugged it off, saying, ” but she is so funny!” Whiy didn’t I just say what I really thought? I debated a late night email, but that seemed weak. Instead, I promised myself to never bite my tongue again if I am in a similar situation. I hope I keep it.

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