Preschool Graduate

My little guy graduated from preschool on Friday. He originally did not attend this school. I had him enrolled in another one in another town and it was a major FAIL. Let’s just say that he was bullied by an adult. Repeatedly. I have never felt so helpless in my life at that point when all that was going down from that situation. I was working and taking care of everyone else’s kids, and here I failed my own because I couldn’t protect him from a loser. Notice how fired up I am getting.

Anyway, I enrolled him in one from my own town (which I should have done all along) and this school was the BEST thing that my little guy could have experienced. He learned academics, created pottery, learned from the most dynamic educators and learned the fundamentals of early literacy. He played and socialized and he was loved. I kid you not. That major emotional SH*&%*& storm with the other place was fate because he landed where he was meant to be. As a third generation educator, I take my role very seriously, so I am beyond thrilled and appreciative that my son was treated with respect and cared for.

My guy received the crown for “Most Affectionate”.

We danced.

We played.

We listened to the most dynamic literacy advocate.

We hugged and we celebrated.

After everyone was in bed, I thought about what really happened on this special day and I started to cry. I never thought I would have S, and here he was going onto Kindergarten. Feeling so proud of himself. Feeling special. Feeling filled up with joy. Never underestimate the importance of an educator in your child’s life. I am thrilled for him and love him beyond measure.


4 thoughts on “Preschool Graduate

  1. Wise words about the value of caring, dedicated educators. I hope I provided some of those experiences for you, that your son experienced.

  2. So happy for Seamus!! He is a little affectionate prince!! Glad to see you looking so awesome too!! Seems full time motherhood looks good on you!! Big hugs my friend!!

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