Beach Cruiser

So the bikes arrived a few weeks ago. We eagerly waited to put them together, let’s just say the weather has not been that great around here. But hey, the grass is really green. Anyway, before we left Boca, Dave and Harrison put the bikes up and we designed the look for them. Originally, I wanted a jet black bike with hot pink tires. I was all set on that, and then learned that the jet black only comes in a man’s frame. Major bummer. So I took a day to think about another option. If it wasn’t happening, I would pass. So seeing what it could look like before I pulled the trigger really helped someone like me. I am a total visual learner.

We literally started from scratch. We started with the base, then the tire color and the color of the rims were put together. I was so set on a Tommy Bahama seat, so I wanted to incorporate the brown with handle grips that matched the seat. It looked cool because the tires were the same tone. I was also set on black handle bars, so we decided black fenders would look cool and a black wire basket would tie it in.  As I looked at what was in front of me, I totally forgot about my black bike and hot pink tires that I was dying for. These set of wheels were killer, and I knew they would get me out of the house.

The Mr laid everything out and started to slowly assemble one bike at a time. There were a few things that needed to be tweaked, but overall the bikes were cool. A few things were not in this shipment, so Miss P had to wait for a few of her additions to her bike.

Miss P was so pumped to ride her wheels. It is a bit big for her, but that doesn’t stop her. She loves it.


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