When our garden beds are not growing, they are official construction sites.

There are beach toys, shovels, skid steers and front loaders always in two of the beds. It is what it is, and it makes the kids happy.

S and I went to a garden center my dad told me about. I had never been there before, but this place was amazing. You name it, they had it. Everything from the vegetable, plants to flowers were fabulous quality. S had such a fun time. It was nice to spend a morning with just him. He really is a funny kid. He was singing to Coldplay the ride there. Riot.

The next day, Miss F, S and I headed on over to Home Depot and picked up some manure. Good times. Hey, it has to be done.

And then the work began. We organized all the plantings to certain beds. Even Miss F got in on the project.

And the final product! This was taken a few weeks ago, and with all the rain we have been getting, our tomato plants are almost three feet tall! We have bamboo stalks that we use to hold them up. Our next project is lining string on the back rows for the green beans.

We have already used the lettuce and some of the herbs! S loves to water the garden.


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