DJ and his pal

DJ is really such a love. One afternoon last week, Miss F and I were outside walking around. I couldn’t believe how gentle he was with her. I think he thinks she is his best friend. I know that Miss F feels that way about him. Whenever we leave the house and DJ has to go in his crate, Miss F will walk to the pantry where the bones are and make kissy sounds. Adorable. He follows her. I give her the bones and she walks into the den all the while making kissy sounds. He follows. She drops the treats in the crate and he goes in. She pets him on his head and shuts the door. Every. Single. Time.

So on this particular afternoon, DJ followed her every step. She would call for him.

She found her soccer ball and would call for him. Squeal with delight. It was so cute. She would throw it to him, but he would just stand there, mindful of how small she is.

This was on repeat. For twenty minutes. Perfect way to spend the one sunny afternoon we had that week.


One thought on “DJ and his pal

  1. So sweet! Nora comes in with me each morning to wake the kids for school. She waits by their doors if I am running late.

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